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Verba helps people speak confidently through a mobile app, custom curriculum distributed through coaches and schools, bootcmaps, competitions, and much more!

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What approach do we take?


Unlike other public speaking companies, we work with you every step of the way. Whether you learn async, synchronously, in groups, or with more individualized instruction, we've got you covered


Through our community server and features to connect with other Verbalites on the app, we make it a point to ensure that your learning experience is continuously enhanced as our community grows


Public speaking is an interactive activity. With Verba, you're not going to learn using books and lectures. You're going to practice, perfect, and apply.


We recognize that different people learn in different ways. You can work alone with the app and on your own schedule, you can work with others, you can work 1:1. Whatever works for you works for us.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3


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Get an asynchronous, holistic method of improving your public speaking. Engage in speaking drills, learning resources, speech topics, and more


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Get a more individualized, immersive experience with a live instructors. Learn about public speaking, persuasive speaking, prepare for an event, whatever you need


Put your Skills to the Test

We regularly host competitions where you can practice speaking, receive feedback from judges, and see how you stack up against other Verbalites.

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What our users have to say

Here at Verba, we iterate and innovate based on our user demographic. If our debaters want a feature, we maintain a discord server at https://verbaco.info/discord where our users can suggest new features that they believe would be helpful!

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"This app has many features which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere, and all the features I want are in one app, so it’s all really convenient! I myself am not a splendid debater, but find this app very useful for the purpose of learning about debate, sharpening my skills, and checking out debate related news. I definitely recommend this app to debaters and those who are looking into debate!"

Aarush Panda
Verba User

"Throughout my debate career, I have been looking for a debate app that would help me out. Unfortunately, before Verba, I have not. However, this app changed that. It has so many helpful resources that specifically benefit me as a debater. I would STRONGLY suggest this to all the debaters out there!"

Verba User

"This was super helpful for me as a debater, and made it much easier to gain access to many resources that I never would have found on my own! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in debate!"

John X.
Verba User

"This app is great! My school’s debate club loves it. I definitely recommend checking it out and following it as it gets improved"

T. P.
Verba User

"Really good app, the workflow isn't hard to understand, and the support behind this app is great!"

Clyde T.
Verba User