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About Verba

Hey, my name's Sashv, and I'm the Founder & CEO of Verba!

I founded Verba because of my personal struggles with confidence. For me, my path to confidence was through public speaking. I created Verba as a progress log of everything I used to improve and compiled it into an app to share it with all of you. Since, I've found a team of changemakers passionate about helping others find their voice and confidence and grew Verba to tens of thousands of learners worldwide.

One of the most unexpected experiences I've cherished throughout this journey is the personal connections I've developed. Meeting cool people—whether it be learners on Verba or others who are leading initiatives to help others with their public speaking—has always fascinated me. New perspectives and stories are extraordinary to hear and I hope to continue meeting many of you.

If you ever want to talk about Verba or just meet up, I'd love to, schedule at

Our team

Over the last 2 years, we've developed a team of over 125 to provide you with the resources necessary to improve your public speaking.

If you're interested in passing it forward and would like to help build out Verba, apply through